Chiropractic Care and Spinal Health for Lower Back Pain

Your back is a complex design of bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments that must all work in harmony for good posture and easy movement. It’s further divided into sections, including the lower back. You might deal with lower back pain on a daily basis, especially with many jobs requiring a sitting position for most of the day. A solution to your lower back aches and pains can be chiropractic care offered by a reputable professional.

Heating up the Target Area

Chiropractic services usually begin with making you comfortable and relaxed. You’ll first encounter a heating session that usually involves hot towels and other warming agents. Your San Antonio professional is trying to relax the target area before any adjustments. Heat brings blood to the region, which increases the oxygen supply for nearby tissues. Muscles relax and tissues saturate with oxygen, which contributes to improved spinal health over time. In most cases, you’ll lay down with the heating agents for about 10 or 15 minutes before any manipulations.

Adding in a Massage Component

Chiropractic care isn’t limited to just joint adjustments. Every tissue surrounding your spine plays a role in daily comfort and posture strength. Chiropractors consider the entire person as they focus in on the target area. With a relaxed spinal region, professionals begin with a massage session. They’ll use lotion or oil in order to reduce friction across your skin. You’ll be asked about comfort levels or possible discomfort. Part of the massage session allows the expert to physically find any muscle knots surrounding the spine so that they can be dealt with before joint adjustments.

Spinal Manipulation during Chiropractic Care

The main reason for chiropractic services is spinal adjustments. As you go about your day, movements and gravity impact your spine’s health. Joints dislodge from their normal positions, and they might remain out of balance for many days. Over time, the pain in the affected area will become obvious and chronic. Experienced chiropractors will position your body on a cushioned table as they adjust your bones and joints into place. With the joints properly seated, the surrounding tissues can relax and possibly heal if they’ve been under strain.

Determining Appointment Frequency

Lower back pain can’t be fixed with only one visit to a chiropractor. The joints will continually move out of place until multiple chiropractic services have been completed. At some point, your body will accept this new “norm” and remain aligned. Your chiropractor must determine the number of appointments that are necessary for proper healing. It’s not unusual to visit the office several times a week. As your prognosis improves, you’ll visit the professional fewer times each month.

Exercising Safely

As your adjustments continue, the professional will discuss the best ways to stay fit. Exercising with safety in mind is critical. Standing up straight, avoiding harsh impacts as you run and other habits must be employed so that any alignment during chiropractic services is long lasting. Wearing a back brace might be necessary as you work out. Your chiropractor will see you often enough so that any minute changes to the body can be evaluated for their benefits or drawbacks. Smart exercising can only help with your lower back pain issues.

Discuss all of your lower back problems with a chiropractor so that he or she can customize a treatment program that’s right for you. Chiropractic care is a unique way to solve your physical ailments, and it’s only as effective as your communication level with the professional and your commitment to the health plan. After several visits with a San Antonio chiropractor, you’ll notice a marked difference in flexibility and lower-back comfort.

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