Chiropractic Care and Your First Visit

Visiting a chiropractor in San Antonio may be a brand-new experience for a patient, and it’s only natural to have questions. This medical alternative is slowly gaining ground in the industry as an important part of a person’s overall health. Chiropractic visits involve the manipulation of the spine and other major body parts. Professionals try to align the body in such a way that every bone, muscle, tendon and ligament works in perfect harmony. Before a patient’s first visit, explore the steps that are taken during chiropractic care so that there are no surprises.

Waiting-Room Ambiance

Many chiropractors try to create a relaxing atmosphere as soon as patients walk in the door. The lighting will usually be muted with calming voices speaking into the telephones. There might be some music playing in the waiting room as well. Patients should check in and wait to be seen. Professionals don’t want their patients to wait for too long because this stress might make their alignment conditions even worse. After only a short time, patients will normally be called into their treatment room.

Patient Warm Up

After a patient enters the treatment space, an associate will usually ask about preferences. Aromas, music and towel temperatures are normal topics to consider. The entire purpose of the first part of a visit is simply relaxation. A stiff neck and back cannot be safely adjusted. Patients will lie down on a treatment table as warm towels are placed on their skin. Towel-placement locations will differ based on the ailment. Chiropractic care is always customized to the person’s needs.

Massage Techniques

Professionals will use those warm towels on the patient for a few minutes as the muscles relax into place. At that point, a short massage session is usually in order. A chiropractor will manipulate the muscles in the affected area in order to feel the misalignment at hand. The massage might extend further than this immediate area so that every adjacent tissue is ready for an adjustment.

The Adjustment

With every tissue in a relaxed state, the chiropractor will proceed to adjust the joints. Adjustments are usually performed on the neck, back, legs and arms. The professional may need to manipulate the patient into a particular position before an adjustment occurs. These movements are often so fast that the patients don’t notice them until immediately after the adjustment. Professionals continue to adjust the patient until they’re satisfied with the results.

Discussing Further Chiropractic Care

Settling for one chiropractor visit isn’t normally the best way to handle a misalignment. Although one session does guide the body back into position, bones and joints will slowly move back out of alignment over time. Ideally, patients should schedule regular adjustments in order to keep the body as aligned as possible. Some patients visit on a monthly basis because the adjustments fight off backaches and headaches.

Combining a Nutritionist’s Guidance

A chiropractor usually works with a nutritionist to complete their healthcare philosophy. After an adjustment, the patient might speak to the nutritionist about healthy eating habits. With healthy food as a primary source of nutrition, patients can have a leaner figure with an aligned spine at all times. Maintaining an unhealthy lifestyle reduces the effectiveness of the adjustments because the additional weight will force the joints into unusual positions.

Depending on the ailment, a chiropractor in San Antonio might be covered under insurance. Patients should check with their policy carrier in order to finance their care as easily as possible. Chiropractic care in San Antonio may be the solution that patients need to those ongoing aches and pains.

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