Chiropractic Care as a Pain-Management Solution

Pain management is big business in the medical industry, which normally relies on specialized drugs taken either by pill or intravenously. Chronic pain is mentally debilitating, and patients will often have a pain-pill prescription as a way to manage the symptoms. However, a San Antonio chiropractor has a better solution to popping pills. Manipulating the spine and chiropractic care are pain-management solutions that work on several levels.

Triggering Mental Relaxation

Stepping into the chiropractor’s office may start your pain-management journey with relaxation felt even in the waiting room. Soft lighting, relaxing music and hushed voices create a completely different atmosphere compared to the outside world. This aspect alone is often enough to curb some pain issues. Waiting-room chairs might be cushioned with extra materials so that patients can sit in style as they contemplate their appointment’s details. The actual wait time should never be too long either. Long, wait times only contribute to added stress that compounds any chronic pains within the body.

Understanding Heat Benefits

Chiropractic care depends on pre-treatment actions that enhance the spinal manipulation. A chiropractor will normally set up hot towels and compresses in a treatment room so that each patient can be relaxed at a muscular level. Depending on the area to be treated, heated items will be placed on the patient. The heat permeates the skin while relaxing any nearby tissues, ligaments or tendons. Some professionals add in aromatherapy during these periods because the scents indirectly cause relaxation within the body. Heat treatment distracts the mind from any pain, and it forces the body to loosen up before any chiropractic adjustments are made.

Exploring Tissue Massages

In many cases, muscles, fascia and other tissues surrounding the bones are contributors to pain. They can tighten up, cramp into uncomfortable positions and even succumb to minute tears. Chiropractors use tissue massage as a way to further relax the body before spinal alignment is possible. Professionals use their hands and specialized tools to manipulate specific body areas, such as the limbs, neck or torso. By massaging these tissues, they’ll loosen up from their constricted positions. A lot of pain can be reduced with just the massage alone.

Aligning the Skeletal System

Although the skeletal system has many ligaments and tendons holding it in place, everyday movements and repetitive actions will often force it into poor positions. Pain can radiate from a misaligned joint, especially in the upper and lower back regions. A chiropractor will take advantage of those relaxed tissues and slide those joints back into the proper positions. Manipulating any bone section takes focus and experience with the body. With a quick snap of the hands, the professional can reduce pain at any site within minutes. As a result, pain medication isn’t necessary after a visit to a reputable chiropractor.

Frequenting the Chiropractic Care Office

A single appointment with a professional isn’t enough to keep pain at bay. Depending on the ailment, patients must make repeated visits to achieve that pain management. Appointments across several weeks or months are common. The chiropractic care professional will discuss any details about treatment at an initial consultation. With an agreement between parties, the pain management can continue until the body reaches a healthy equilibrium. Chronic pain may be a thing of the past at that point.

A chiropractor will usually work alongside a nutritionist so that every patient can benefit from well-rounded care. When patients enter treatment, they should keep an open mind about nutrition, tissue massage and spinal alignment. A combination of these lifestyle changes can make a positive impact on the mind and body.

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