Chiropractic Massage Therapy: How the Two Work Hand In Hand

No matter what health treatment you prefer, it always works better in conjunction with something else. For instance, a healthy diet will enhance and supplement any health plan. The same is true for all types of chiropractic treatments. They work best with other factors, such as diet, exercise, and stretching. Chiropractic massage therapy combines chiropractic and massage therapy to create a powerful treatment for a host of ailments and conditions. Here are some of the ways that they work together to give you the pain relief and extra mobility you are looking for.

Enhances Your Chiropractic Visit

Chiropractic massage therapy is very therapeutic. It can help warm up your muscles and get them ready for the adjustments and treatments. Your body will respond best to all types of chiropractic treatments when it is relaxed. Massage therapy helps you get to that state.

Provides a More Stable Adjustment

Along the same lines, massage therapy can help with an adjustment. When your body is tense, then it will not be as accepting of an adjustment. A massage, whether it is before the treatment or after, will help the adjustment “dig in” and have longer lasting effects by relaxing the body.

Enhances Massage Therapy Effects

Massage can help in a number of ways. It provides relaxation to the muscles, which relieves tension and can help remove toxins from your body. This will help with your overall health and relieve pain from cramping and discomfort. After a massage treatment, chiropractic care will continue and deepen those benefits by spreading them to the bones, joints, and nervous system.

Chiropractic Massage Therapy Provides Whole Body Treatment

Both treatment techniques are geared towards working with the entire body to provide wellness benefits. The goal is always to treat the root of an issue, as opposed to just the symptom. That way, the issue is less likely to return. Chiropractic massage therapy is a combination of those whole-body treatments, which allows for an increase in the ability to provide healing and recovery.

Helps With Healing Mindset

A positive and healthy mindset will help enhance all types of chiropractic treatments. A worrying and negative attitude can prevent you from getting the best outcomes possible. Massage therapy will provide relaxation and stress relief. This will prepare you for your chiropractic treatments with a better mindset to allow your body to heal.

Shortens Recovery Times

Combining the two powerful treatments creates a comprehensive health regimen and will attack your injury or condition on several fronts. Attacking health problems in this way can help reduce your recovery times as your body heals faster. Sometimes chiropractic care requires some recovery, and massage will help those joints and bones recover faster. The same is true with discomfort. If you have massage therapy beforehand, your muscles will be warmed up and your body limber. This can help prevent some of the discomforts of some types of chiropractic care. If you have massage therapy after, it will help decrease that discomfort by keeping your body mobile and flexible.

Many San Antonio residents seek chiropractic care or massage therapy to help recover from injuries or to treat a condition. However, combining the two can help provide longer lasting results. The more relaxed the body is, the more accepting it will be of chiropractic care. And the more accepting it is, the more effective those treatments will be. Contact SPNCC today to see how chiropractic massage therapy can help enhance your chiropractic care.

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