Chiropractor Treatment for Metabolic Syndrome

A San Antonio Chiropractor on Metabolic Syndrome
Chiropractors in San Antonio and the US are now diagnosing metabolic syndrome at the firstsign of symptoms.

What does it look like? Symptoms include:


foot painwhen walking, or feet itching in the evening

ladies -hair falling out

men gynecomastia (male breasts)

A Chiropractor Talks About The Criteria For Metabolic Syndrome

These may be signs that you have metabolic syndrome, or are onyour way to full-blown diabetes. It isestimated that as many as 30 million people have metabolic syndrome. To confirm the diagnosis, one must meet threemajor criteria:


reduced HDL,less than 40

hypertension,135/85 mmHg or greater

fastingglucose of greater than 110 mg/dL

microalbuminuria,greater than 30 mg in 24 hours

waist/hipratio in females of greater than .85

waist/hipratio in males of greater than .90

BMI greaterthan 30

body fat>29% in males

body fat>30% in females

40% of all dollars, spent on prescription medication, is to healthe symptoms of metabolic syndrome. Since about 10% of Americans have this syndrome, wouldn’t it be wise toincrease exercise, decrease calories and nutritionally balance our diets inorder to cut America’s healthcare costs? Even our own personal costs are staggering.

Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness and kidney failure, andtakes 15 years off of our life expectancy. Diabetics are 650 times more likely to die of heart attack. Diabetics are at four times the risk ofstroke. 60% of all nontraumatic amputations are due to uncontrolled bloodsugar. Increased blood sugar causes poorwound healing and impaired immune system function. If treated by your Chiropractorearly in the stage,it will significantly reduce additional health issues.

All those extra breads, pasta and desserts are just not worthit. Replaced the sugar with Stevia. Be creative, try applesauce with blueberriesor a piece of 72% cocoa, dark chocolate. Poor spaghetti sauce over steamed vegetables and skip the pasta. And of course, skip the bread or try Ezekielbread!

Lastly- exercise – it burns calories and is good for the joints. Stay healthy and keep your BMI under 30%!Also continuously keep up with your San Antonio chiropractor check-ins to avoidissues

To discuss your diet and how it effects Type I Diabetes, call your local San Antonio Chiropractor today at 210-490-9169

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