Feeling Discomfort From The Holiday Rush? You May Want To See A Chiropractor

The holidays are often a busy time of year for most people. Many of us are running around shopping, cooking, decorating and basically just getting ready for the holiday season. However, there are a few of us that happen to hurt ourselves lugging huge, over-sized packages or dragging the gigantic tree into the house. Perhaps these activities aggravate old injuries, either way, many of us are hurting. What solutions are there to help with the pain and more importantly prevent it from coming back? Visiting a chiropractor is key. Visiting a chiropractor is essential especially if you have any of these injuries or symptoms that may be causing unwelcome pain. This article is directed for those in the San Antonio, TX area particularly.

There Are Many Reasons For Visiting a Chiropractor

If a patient is experiencing headaches, particularly cluster headaches, migraines, sinus headaches, tension or liver headaches; Although, each of these headaches may be caused by different things, a chiropractic physician can help alleviate the pain caused by these headaches and could possibly help prevent them from coming back. This is especially true if they are chronic headaches or abnormally painful.

Another issue that many of us can identify with, is the pain experienced in our lower back. As many as 31 million Americans experience lower back pain at any given time which equates to about 10% of the population every day. Osteoarthritis and facet syndrome are common reasons for lower back pain. Osteoarthritis is caused by the over use or an injury to the lower back. This is generally caused by parts of the spine wearing down over time and is more dull and generalized. Facet syndrome is when small joints on the spine, called facets, are irritated and localized pain is caused on the lower back which may run down the leg, stopping at the knee. Lumbar extension generally causes facet syndrome to worsen.

Neck pain is another reason many patients visit a chiropractor. This affects about 10% of the population at any given time, similar to lower back pain, and is often caused by general wear and tear(osteoarthritis) or from an injury such as whiplash from a car accident or something similar. Neck pain can travel down the shoulder to the tips of the fingers causing a tingling sensation or numbness, and should be looked at by a chiropractic physician.

Another important aspect that people often forget is good nutrition and visiting a nutritionist. Visiting a nutritionist ensures that the person is healthy by making sure that the proper foods are eaten, and in the right amount. This is vitally important to creating strong bones and helping to prevent injuries related to neck/back pain and headaches. Receiving the proper nutrients ensures that a person’s body will hold up against the normal wear and tear throughout their lives.

This article was meant to inform of the specialties of a chiropractor and when a chiropractor needs to be contacted due to an injury or past trauma. Also, it was meant to inform you of the importance of finding a good nutritionist and how it may help in reducing chiropractic injuries in the future. Thanks for reading!

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