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Cholesterol.jpgSan Antonio nutritionists will tell you, God didn't put cholesterol in our bodies to poison us. It is produced by our liver and is used for many great functions.  First and foremost, cholesterol is used to form bile, a substance which helps us digest fat, iron and calcium. Interestingly, people with decreased gallbladder function often get constipated when ingesting calcium or iron supplements.

A large amount of cholesterol is also used in the formation of skin cells.  It makes up a large part of the cell membrane which makes the skin resistant to the absorption of water-soluble substances and helps regulate water evaporation from the skin.

Cholesterol is a precursor to the formation of vitamin D. No cholesterol, no vitamin D.

Cholesterol is used in the formation of hormones. No cholesterol equals no testosterone, no estrogen, no progesterone, no aldosterone or cortisol, etc. This is often why patients on statin drugs feel like they have been neutered, in other words, suffer from low libido.

Cholesterol and fat compose up to 79% of the brain and nervous system. Could it be that at least some of the patients with Alzheimer's disease, are suffering as a result of statin drug use?

Did you know that LDL's, the so-called "bad cholesterol", actually carry fat-soluble vitamins throughout your body and to all your various organs? For example LDL's, when less than 100 mg/dL, can lead to macular degeneration because the LDL's no longer carry vitamin E to the eyes. Also, LDL's are needed to transport vitamin A to the skin.

Many doctors, nutritionists, researchers and laypeople believe that big Pharma is responsible for the overuse of drugs, such as statins, which has contributed to a drop in the United States health status to one that is just above Cuba's.

For the record, some life insurance companies have figured out that higher than recommended cholesterol values are healthier than those which are commonly accepted and they have adjusted their rates accordingly. Researchers found that statin drugs deplete CoQ10 and contribute to congestive heart failure.

I hope that gives you at least something to think about. Do your research and listen and think critically. For a San Antonio nutritionist that understands, call Doreen Lewis, DC, CCN, DABCI, DACBNNaturally the best!  In San Antonio, TX,  call 210-490-9169.


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  • "I have just recently moved to San Antonio and was in need of a Chiropractor. When I found Dr. Lewis, I found more than that. First, after many years of going to some very good chiropractors, I found the best one I have ever gone to regardless of location and I have lived in many states and cities; second, I have found someone that looks farther than just an adjustment and is concerned about my holistic wellness. Very few health care professionals provide the level of care that I receive when I see Dr. Lewis. She is helpful, caring, compassionate while being I true professional. I couldn't have be more blessed"
    Kimberly C. / San Antonio, TX

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