Nutritional Counseling for the Busy Professional

Eating healthy on a regular basis is simple for people who’re based at home or in an office environment. Professionals who’re constantly on the go, however, have a difficult time with their diets. It’s easy to eat unhealthy foods while flying between San Antonio and New York City, but there are some habits that can be implemented as a solution. Nutritional counseling for the busy professional takes some attention to each meal while declining those unhealthy choices along the way.

Enjoy Complementary Hotel Breakfasts

Being busy doesn’t mean that personal care has to take a backseat. Plan each traveling day with a good breakfast in the morning. Get up slightly earlier if it’s necessary so that this meal can take priority. Create a balanced plate with protein, carbohydrates and fruit. Drink juice and some milk when it’s available. Many breakfast spreads have apples and bananas spread out across the buffet tables. Try to take some fruit for the road, and busy professionals will always have a healthy snack to grab before lunch. The starving feeling between meals isn’t healthy for the body in any situation.

Avoiding the Salad Monotony

Any nutritionist will tell patients that eating just one item on a constant basis will bore the mind and body. Eating healthy foods doesn’t have to be boring. Although salads are good for the body, expand the diet to include more exotic items. Beans and other legumes are interesting additions to any meal that doesn’t have to always include a salad component. Try different foods that aren’t cream-based, and it’s possible to follow solid nutritional counseling with ease. Becoming bored with any foods will only tempt the mind to eat unhealthy items.

Keeping the Blood-Sugar Levels Up

Healthy people are almost always eating something every two to three hours. Nutrition counseling suggests five or six small meals throughout the day in order to stabilize blood-sugar levels. If the body isn’t overly hungry, it won’t resort to cravings or storing away fat reserves. A reputable nutritionist might suggest certain snacks, such as nuts or dairy, so that the body is fuller for longer time periods. Those calories will be burned more efficiently compared to eating three, large meals over the course of a 24-hour period.

Limit the Evening Bar Crawl

When professionals are on the road, they often relax at restaurants with bars in the evening. In fact, some of these bonding moments seem mandatory to professionals who’re looking to get ahead. Enjoy the night out with colleagues, but limit the drinking volumes. Ideally, no alcohol should be consumed when a professional is out of town on business. The extra calories from the drinks will derail any healthy diet. Sip on vegetable or fruit juice as an alternative, and the colleagues won’t know that you’re relaxing without alcohol.

Staying on Track With Nutritional Counseling

Visit with a nutrition professional as a way to strengthen the healthy resolved on a daily basis. New recipes, activities and other suggestions might be available so that everyday life can be more interesting without high-calorie foods. Professionals should make an appointment with their expert after each trip out of town. Temptations and solutions can be discussed at that point, which gives the professional a wider view of their behaviors as he or she takes on another assignment.

Ideally, work with a nutritionist who patients have a solid relationship with at each appointment. Discuss eating and exercising habits in great depth so that the professional can gauge the right pathway in the future. Healthy diets can be achieved by anyone who pays close attention to their everyday habits.

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