Nutritional Counseling Tips to Help You Avoid Holiday Eating Mistakes

nutritional counseling, best nutritionist in San AntonioFor many people, the best part of the holidays is the food you get to enjoy. It could be at parties or family gatherings, but feasting is a big part of the season, and too many people feel terrible after they over-indulge. This is a time that becomes a major problem for those who are trying to watch their nutrition since overeating and eating the wrong foods becomes too easy. There are many common pitfalls that people fall subject to during the holidays. However, these nutritional counseling tips can help you steer clear and avoid all those self-sabotaging behaviors this year.

Don’t Deprive Yourself

In preparation for a big holiday event, some people think that by depriving themselves leading up to it or afterward, they can mitigate the effects of the amount of food they will eat. This might mean skipping the first two meals of the day to have a big supper. However, nutritional counseling will tell you that this will have the opposite effect. If your body is not fed regularly, it can go into a type of starvation mode. It stores fat and sends a signal to the brain to re-fuel. This can cause those pangs of hunger that you may recognize and increase cravings. Because of this, you may end up overeating instead to fill that gap. Make sure you have a regular eating day, no matter what you plan for that evening.

Not Enough Vegetablesnutritional counseling, best nutritionist in San Antonio

The types of foods that are offered during the holidays are not exactly nutritious. Cookies, snacks, desserts, and any number of junk food could be on the menu. In many cases, this causes veggies to be pushed right out of the equation. The best nutritionist in San Antonio will tell you that if you think you might be short on veggies, then make them a priority. If you are going to a party, then bring a platter along with you. Make the display attractive so that others will want to partake as well. This will give you the powerful nutrition you need in between all those sweet and salty morsels you will also be taking in.

Indulging in Appetizers

The problem with appetizers is that they are often small, so you don’t realize how much you’ve had by picking at them over time. This is especially true if you are distracted by socializing or snuggling with the family watching a festive movie. One strategy that the best nutritionist in San Antonio will suggest is to serve yourself appetizers on a small plate or a napkin. That way you will not be absent-mindedly picking at a platter. Also, if you use a large plate, you will be more likely to fill it up and eat everything on it.

Liquid Calories

Along with overeating, drinking too much is a major problem at holidays. Liquids do not signal to the brain as clearly as food that you are taking in calories. You do not eat less food if you are ingesting calories through liquids. Nutritional counseling will help you figure out how best to regulate your drinking. Sometimes it might just be a matter of planning out how many drinks you will have ahead of time and sticking to that plan.

The Value of Nutritional Counseling

Eating right isn’t just about calories and losing weight. The best nutritionist in San Antonio at SPNCC can provide you with nutritional counseling and advice that will provide you with whole health benefits that go beyond the scale. Call us today.

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