Nutritionist In San Antonio First To Use Blood Detective

If you have ever been in that place where the M.D. says, “You’re fine, I dont see anything wrong.”, but you know better; we have good news for you. Your Nutritionist San Antonio, is the first in San Antonio to be using Blood Detective.  It is a computer program that compares your lab values with optimal values, not just general pathological values, for a person of the same gender and age.  It addresses shifts in the blood chemistry that indicate shortcomings in one’s health, before it develops into disease.

As a Nutritionist San Antonio and former lab tech for the US Army reserves, I can remember lab values back from the 1970s that were a lot tighter.  What I mean by this, for example, is glucose used to be 85 to 100 mg/DL, fasting.  In the 1980s, the values spread from 50 to 165 mg/DL.  In the 1990s, it changed again, this time to 65 to 126 mg/DL and now its back to 65 to 99 mg/DL.  Ideally, when fasting, the blood sugar should read closer to 90, but 85 to 100 is acceptable in my estimation.

Another example would be for cholesterol values.  Prior to the Framingham study of 1979, cholesterol under 300 was acceptable and cholesterol less than 140 was suggestive of cancer!  The range for optimal in most functional medicine groups and even some life insurance company physicals is 175 to 260 mg/DL.  What a difference!  Patients do not realize that when cholesterol drops below 150, they are functionally neutered!

A Simple Blood Draw By Your Nutritionist San Antonio

Blood Detective is a great way for a patient to gain insight into where their body is heading and how to match up their nutritional needs to make the necessary changes take place before disease sets in!  A simple blood draw by your nutritionist San Antonio starts the process and the primary lab we use is in the process of being able to download the values into our program directly.  Most patients feel the changes within the first two weeks of starting their personalized nutritional protocol!

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