Salt of the Earth

Salt is a necessity of life for several reasons.  For example, one very sweet patient of mine presented with dizziness when she stood up.  By running a few blood-pressure tests, it was determined that she had what is called, orthostatic hypotension.  She was stressed out.  Our adrenal glands need sodium from salt, to maintain our blood-pressure.  After discovering why she was so stressed out, it was evident why a lack of sodium (salt) was affecting her the way it was. Problem solved!

The salt we normally use every day is iodized.  The thyroid gland and breast tissue are the two major storage sites for iodine.  To stay healthy we must have iodine.  In fact, one recent study shows a decrease in iodine as a cause of breast cancer.

Is salt related to hypertension, heart disease, or diabetes?  The answer may be less clear than you might think.  Check out our new post on the “Did You Know” section of this website.

May God bless you with good health,

Doreen Lewis, DC, DABCI, DACBN, CCN

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