San Antonio Chiropractor Specialist

Achieving wellness and staying healthy is difficult for many people. However, at your San Antonio Chiropractor, it becomes a reality.

Our staff is dedicated to making you healthy and staying and feeling well. We assess each patient carefully and address issues with pain of any type, nutrition, exercise and stress levels to name a few. We will review your medical records and films you may have or order x-rays or images for our interpretation.

Staying healthy requires co-operation and dedication. At your San Antonio Chiropractor, you will feel special the moment you walk in the door. Our friendly and helpful staff will make sure you are in the right place for a healthy future.

Treatment Options by Your San Antonio Chiropractor

After examination and medical history review, your San Antonio Chiropractor will discuss treatment options and ways to achieve optimum health. Beginning spinal adjustments to relieve nerve pressure and reduce pain is just the beginning. Realizing how your spine affects the rest of the body is also part of your treatment plan. Proper spinal alignment is essential for all body systems as the nerves originate from the spinal cord to the rest of body through its channels. Any interference, or misalignment along the way can have potentially damaging or painful effects other parts of the body.

Once your treatment plan is in place, be prepared to feel good again. In addition to spinal adjustments, the chiropractic staff utilizes trans cutaneous nerve stimulation, hydrotherapy, massage and nutritional counseling to encourage wellness and healing. We not only eliminate your pain, but eliminate the reasons for your pain. This involves stress management, proper eating education, encouraging healthy exercise and ergonomic movements. Ergonomics refer to the ways you sit, stand, lift and bend to save your muscles and joints from pain. It also includes avoiding repetitive damaging movements to the skeletal and muscle systems.

Our staff is committed to making our patients live a healthy lifestyle without pain. Even if you’ve suffered with pain for many years, we can make you feel better and avoid the use of harmful medications.

Becoming and staying healthy is our commitment to ourselves and our patients. We encourage our patients to take an active role in their health and help them overcome the hurdles of poor posture, weight loss and better nutrition.

There is no time to start living a healthy life, for yourself and your family than right now. Your dream of finally feeling good starts with a call to your San Antonio Chiropractor for an appointment.


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