San Antonio Chiropractors Can Treat Many Illnesses

Those in the public who rely on their chiropractors to tune up their bodies to make them run better already know how very valuable a chiropractor’s service are. Chiropractors have in most instances have had more education then the family medical doctor. Most of the way our physicians treat specific diseases and illnesses are very different from the way a chiropractor may treat the same illness or disease process. The ideal situation for any person is if their doctor works with the chiropractor and together they make the person healthier.

There are ideas that the good chiropractor may have that the physician may feel is useless and impractical, mostly because that doctor does not have the time to study this form of healing, so many times these ideas of the chiropractor are readily dismissed.

San Antonio Chiropractors on Their Patients Health vs. A Soft Water System 

One such idea from the San Antonio Chiropractors is their patients’ health versus the person’s soft water system in their home. Where many people feel that the soft water system will only enhance their health, they are very misled, and the San Antonio Chiropractors will explain why. When the patient listens to their chiropractor everything seems to fit together and make sense.

Researchers have found that most softening units use sodium chloride for the water softener to function properly, to remove all the minerals from the water supply and make the water soft. Sodium Chloride will remove magnesium and calcium because it is these two minerals that make water hard. Magnesium and calcium are excellent for the body of humans and pets alike. Our in-house plants will thrive on hard water.

When the magnesium and calcium are removed, they are replaced by sodium. This can be bad for renal and heart patients who are on a low sodium diet. Soft water will taste salty to the newbie, and that is because there is an abundance of salt needed to make the water soft. Instead of purchasing or renting a soft water system one can use a filtering system at their drinking faucet or they can drink bottled water.

Salt is not a bad mineral in small doses to flavor foods, however in larger doses it can ruin the taste of foods, increase blood pressures, is deadly to the renal and heart patient and much more when itis not controlled.

San Antonio Chiropractors are up on the latest and greatest research in the health arena. See your San Antonio Chiropractor as soon as possible for a health and diet screening and evaluation. Start on the real road to wellness.

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