“Sugar” is NOT a Term of Affection

In fact, sugar is an out and out cold blooded killer. The jury is not out. Guilty as charged. It is directly linked to two of the biggestkillers we have today, heart disease and diabetes. We can even take this one step farther. Another major problem in our diet these daysis carbohydrates in general. We are anon the go society, one that expects things to happen now. No time for a good lunch, just go to thedrive through over there and we are back on the road.

How many things do we wrap in two slices of bread or in atortilla? All those things that are highin carbohydrates, including among other things, bread, corn, tortillas,potatoes, beans, peas, etc., etc., are broken down immediately into the carbswe need for instant energy. The problem,of course, is that unless we are very active, we don’t need instant energy andthose carbs hang around in the blood as glucose, and are then stored as fatwhen they aren’t used.

Why aren’t the news channels screaming about this? The science is proven. With heart disease, diabetes, ADD/ADHD,infection/immune disorders, etc., all linked to sugar, and sugar handlingproblems, why is it that the only thing we hear about is weight gain and toothdecay? First, huge lobbies from the foodindustry. Second, let’s face it, sugaris nice and sweet, it makes us feel good, it satisfies a craving, BUT it is NOTa term of affection!

Yours in Health!

Terry Overton, DC, CCSP

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