The Whole-Body Chiropractor: How Nutrition Fits into Your Treatment

When you think of the chiropractic arts, you immediately picture a table and patient lying down getting a spinal adjustment. This scenario is certainly accurate. However, there’s a complex world behind those massages and adjustments. Nutrition plays a huge role in your overall health. In fact, your chiropractor must emphasize nutrition to fulfill your treatment goals. Adjustments and your food intake are directly related to each other.

Supporting Your Immune System

Good nutrition leads to a healthy immune system. Your body uses both the bloodstream and lymphatic system to fight off germs. By eating a well-rounded diet, your body has the nutrients to support the immune system. You get sicker less often as a result.

Remove certain nutrients from your body and decline occurs. Aches and pains develop. You head to a chiropractor’s appointment to readjust the body. Return to a healthy diet, however, and certain aches seem to vanish. A chiropractic visit is still warranted, but the treatment is less intense than before.

Encouraging a Healthy Weight

A healthy weight puts less pressure on your muscles and bones. As a result, your chiropractic treatment is geared toward body maintenance instead of fixing misalignment issues.

Nutritional counseling in San Antonio is a clever way to complement your chiropractic treatment. Speak to a nutrition specialist so a healthy yet satisfying diet is possible. Starving yourself is never the answer. Lose weight with the new diet. Your body responds with more muscle and less fat. Each adjustment session goes smoothly. Those telltale pains also fade away with weight loss.

Improving Joint Functionality

Your treatment expert focuses on problem areas that typically involve joints. Knees, elbows and your spine have joints that become inflamed with age, injury or weight. By taking part in nutritional counseling, you can prioritize joint health.

Consume foods that directly benefit your joints, such as pumpkin seeds or salmon. Consistently eat these foods to see a difference in your treatment. Spinal adjustments remain simple as your joints become stronger. If you’re on pain medication, a lower dose may be in order. Between healthy eating and regular adjustments, your body operates like a precision machine.

Avoiding the Supplement Craze With Your Chiropractor

Nutritional counseling doesn’t equate to taking a vast array of supplements. It’s a fact that only a few people really require vitamins. Most people simply need nutrient-dense food on their plates. The body digests these vitamins and minerals with ease. You shouldn’t take too much of one vitamin anyway. The body excretes it as waste. It doesn’t absorb more vitamins than it needs.

Nutritionists draw up diets that fulfill your basic needs. Diets vary because of your age, ailments and health goals. Be honest about your health so that diets and adjustments can ultimately improve your quality of life.

Fighting Muscle Decline

Lean proteins in the form of meats or beans are always part of a healthy diet. They satisfy hunger for hours at a time. Protein also contributes to your muscle mass. Strong muscles support the skeleton and joint structures. If your muscles have been in decline, you’ve probably visited the chiropractor’s office more often than not. Shore up your muscle mass so that the body can move as it was designed to do so.

Try a dual appointment with your San Antonio chiropractor and nutritionist. San Pedro North Chiropractic believes in the whole body when we treat your ailments. Understanding the connections between your systems improves your mobility over the course of your treatment. Feel ready to take on the world with a healthy body inside and out.

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