Why Should I See a Chiropractor for Nutrition? Part I

Dr. William David Harper, MIT graduate with a doctorate from Texas Chiropractic College wrote, “Chiropractic is a complex, neurological understanding and explanation of how and why things in our ordinary environment cause disease.”  It is in that quest, to understand the transition from health to disease, that chiropractic excels.  No one better understands the complexities between spinal structure, chemical/nutritional makeup and emotion.

San Antonio Doctors of Chiropractic 

Chiropractors in Sanatoria are trained to draw, or order and then interpret, many different types of blood tests.  These tests are the windows to your health.  They cannot be ordered or interpreted by other types of nutritionists, including dietitians, CCN’s and in Texas, naturopaths.  They fall well outside of the scope of practice for dietitians and while naturopathic doctors may be able to interpret blood in some areas, they are not licensed in Texas.  Sanatoria doctors of chiropractic take hundreds of hours of doctorate level courses in anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, neurology, neuroanatomy, nutrition and many others. And, they use the same textbooks that are being used in medical schools all across the country.  This is completely different, in depth and scope, from the 50 or 60 hours of undergraduate nutrition classes taken by registered dietitians, for example.

Also, the American Chiropractic Association recognizes at least two specialties, Clinical Nutrition and Chiropractic Internist in San Antonio (Dr. Lewis has both!), that require 300 additional hours each in doctoral training and testing.  These are doctorate level specialties, called diplomates, that are not even approached by other nutritional specialties and are only open to DCs, MDs, DOs or PhDs.  In other words, you must have an existing doctorate level degree to even take the courses!  And, in order to maintain your existing credentials, you must complete yearly, continuing education requirements.  Diplomates often take scores or even hundreds of additional hours yearly.

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