Women’s Hormones

Information and research changes our view on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) daily. There has never been a healthy “one size fits all” hormone replacement regimen. Liver function, the body’s fat stores, levels of xenobiotics/hormones (from makeup, skincare, shampoos, etc.) and enzyme levels directly affect the need for postmenopausal hormone replacement. Other factors may include family history of breast cancer, cigarette smoking, asthma, hypertension and diabetes.More importantly, the adrenal glands must be addressed prior to HRT. Most people do not realize that, at about age 45, the ovaries shut down and the adrenal glands pick up the production of estrogen and progesterone. If one is stressed out, it is a surefire signal that the body may not need estrogen but rather de-stressing and feeding the adrenals!

Testing is imperative! This office tests thyroid, adrenals and pre/peri or postmenopausal hormones. National CLIA labs are used to document levels of hormones in the body. A customized care approach to each woman is then taken. This office uses progesterone, not progestin (now known to cause breast cancer) and estriol (80% of a woman’s estrogen is found in this form) not estradiol. Since new research appears daily, this office stays current on the latest research on female hormones and HRT (synthetic and bio-identical).

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