Your Chiropractor Visit: Understanding Your Treatment Options

That pain in your back is beginning to irritate you more and more. You might call in sick several times a month to simply deal with the issue. Living in pain isn’t necessary when you seek out professional care. In fact, chiropractic services solve many problems just like this one, from moderate aches to pinching pain. Learn what to expect on your next chiropractor visit. The treatment options continue to expand as technology advances forward.

The Traditional Adjustment With the Chiropractor

When you think of standard treatments with a professional chiropractor, most people instantly think of adjustments. As a hallmark of the industry, adjustments involve the careful manipulation of joints. They’re aligned and strategically forced into their proper positions.

This treatment may sound concerning, but it’s served thousands of patients with positive results. Patients lay on a treatment table. Their alignment expert positions them into relaxed poses. The professional quickly moves certain joints into position. You might hear a snapping sound during the process with a sensation of relief immediately following it. Adjustments correct poor skeletal and muscle alignment, which contributes to chronic pain.

Massage and Stretches

Another aspect of chiropractic services is muscle treatments. The joints remain aligned, but the muscles don’t have their proper positions. Tension and aches are the result of muscle issues. Professionals correct this situation with massaging and stretching the offending area. Hot packs placed on the body allow the muscles to relax so that they can be manipulated. You may work hard in the San Antonio area so muscle manipulation is a common need among everyday workers. Stretches often follow the massages. Patients end up with relaxed bodies. They can take on life’s challenges with little or no pain tomorrow.

Electrical Stimulation

The types of chiropractic treatments that you may be interested in can include electrical stimulation. Before you say an automatic “no” to this treatment, be aware of its advantages. Low voltage running through electrodes connected to your skin provides a sensation to the muscles. Experts eradicate spasms and other muscle contortions that are extremely painful. The body exerts its own electrical signals across the tissues so external stimulation simulates this scenario. It may take more than one appointment to fully treat your issues, but the relief is worth the wait.


Consider another option with acupuncture. For these types of chiropractic treatments, you have a choice of either traditional needles or none at all. Needles placed onto certain skin sections invigorate the tissue. Blood rushes to the site where it’s quickly oxygenated. This natural response alleviates pain and heals the area over time. Acupuncture without needles involves electrical stimulation that creates needle-like sensations. Determine which treatment feels more comfortable for you, and your healthcare professional can move forward with the procedure.

Nutritional Counseling

Nutrients entering your body play a major role in your overall health, including joint alignment and muscle movement. Ask your professional about associated services, such as nutritional counseling. A nutritionist may be on hand to show you the best dietary options. Chiropractors and nutritionists often team up because they offer the patient an entire package of health-related benefits. By choosing foods with nutrients meant for your joint health, it’s possible to ward off future decline. Your joints and soft tissues remain strong as alignment continues to hold firm.

When you’re looking for a San Antonio professional to work on your ailments, turn to the experts at San Pedro North Chiropractic. They offer numerous types of chiropractic treatments to serve every patient. With a chiropractor who cares about your daily comfort, you have a health partner for life.

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