Can Chiropractic Care Help People with Lung Disorders?

You might suffer from a lung disorder that’s caused by genetic, environmental or aging issues. Taking a deep breath is a chore every moment of the day. From asthma to COPD, these ailments have solutions in various medications. However, you want a different choice in your care. Understand the benefits of chiropractic care for your lung disorder. A San Antonio professional can improve your quality of life with regular appointments.

Defining the Chest Wall

Almost any lung disorder impacts the chest wall. This area is often referred to as the torso. From your collarbone to the base of the ribs, this entire area is the chest cavity. Between your spine and ribs is a large space designed for the lungs, heart and major blood vessels. Bones, muscles, and joints create the wall that protects your breathing patterns.

Patients with disorders, however, have issues with the lungs and chest wall. The muscles place too much tension on your lungs that are already in distress. Breathing problems are the result. A chiropractor can change this scenario.

Understanding Spinal Adjustments

During any chiropractic care appointment, your spine receives an adjustment. This broad description means that the professional manipulates the vertebrae into their proper positions. These adjustments benefit the lungs and chest wall as a side effect.

The spine no longer resides in an unnatural position. By moving it into its correct curvature, the lungs have more room to expand than before. Although the difference may not be a substantial value, any extra inhalation space contributes to better breathing. Patients return for regular adjustments until the spine remains in its natural position over time.

Reducing Muscle Strain

During spinal adjustments, you also receive a deep tissue massage that reduces the tightness around your vertebrae. The reason for this massage is to calm the body before the quick-fire manipulation. The professional wants the body to be as relaxed as possible.

Because your muscles are relaxed both before and after the adjustment, there’s less tension in your chest wall. This relaxation equates to an easier time with breathing. The lungs can fill with more air than before. This fact is even true if your disorder is relatively advanced in nature.

Improving Joint Mobility

You may not believe that there are joints within the chest wall, but there are subtle ones that benefit from chiropractic sessions. Rib joints and vertebrae connections retain their mobility when your professional adjusts the body accordingly. With flexible joints, you breathe in with a deeper sensation than before. Stiff joints along the ribs lead to shallow breathing for hours at a time. Allow a professional to regularly adjust you. You’ll notice the difference in your mobility and breathing comfort.

Building On Your Chiropractic Care

There are more benefits to your chiropractor than just physical manipulation. A nutritionist is often at the same office as your chiropractic expert. Ask about any dietary changes that might help your lung disorder.

Breathing takes effort in your condition so select foods that are high in nutrients, such as oatmeal. Protein is another dietary necessity that’s often overlooked by lung-disorder patients. Your nutritionist goes over every detail about your diet so that any subsequent treatments benefit your entire body. The food that you eat plays a huge role in your quality of life.

Discuss your needs with your doctor and a well-respected chiropractor, such as the experts at San Pedro North Chiropractic. By diversifying your treatment options, your mind and body respond in a positive manner. Chiropractic care can be the gateway to a more comfortable while coping with your breathing disorder.

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