Chiropractor for Nutrition? Part II

San Antonio Nutritionist Are Chiropractors

As mentionedbefore, chiropractors are trained to draw, or order and then interpret, manydifferent types of blood tests. Theytake hundreds of hours of doctorate level courses in anatomy, physiology,biochemistry, neurology, neuroanatomy, nutrition and many others. They have doctorate level nutritionspecialties and get hundreds of hours of yearly training in San Antonio.

Now, lets also consider that San Antonio nutritionist – chiropractors are trained to look atyour health and nutrition in a slightly different way. Instead of treating symptoms, they look forthe underlying cause and try to correct that issue. They are also very purposeful in preventionof disease through supplementation and whole food nutrition, by looking atfunctional/healthy or ideal blood values rather than non-disease values.

Dr. David Brownstein, M.D., a holistic medical practitioner thatmany are familiar with actually wrote, “When I was in medical school,there was little or no mention of diet anywhere in the curriculum. In fact, Ican’t recall any instruction on how food affects the body.” This is, sadly, still true today in mostmedical schools. Patients rely on theirallopathic doctor to guide them to healthwhen, as a San Antonio nutritionistmedical doctor, he is actually only taught how to treat disease.

Seek Care From A San Antonio Nutritionist – The Chiropractic Nutritionist

Doctors of chiropractic study hundreds of hours longer than theirallopathic counterparts on nutrition, including whole foods, vitamins,minerals, nutraceuticals, supplements and homeopathics, among others. Medicaldoctors study pharmaceuticals and their interactions. It is in your best interest and to yourbenefit to seek care from a SanAntonio nutritionist – The Chiropractic Nutritionist.

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