How A Chiropractor Can Help You Beyond a Spinal Adjustment

chiropractor, types of chiropractic treatmentsSpinal manipulation is probably the most well-known chiropractic treatment. However, there are many other types of chiropractic treatments that a chiropractor can offer. Chiropractic treatment is about whole-body health, and sometimes that takes more than spinal manipulation. Here are some other types of chiropractic treatments that chiropractors in San Antonio can offer.


Therapeutic Exercise

In between manipulations, exercise can be a great way to strengthen muscles that have weakened, or to maximize the benefits of the treatment. Exercise can also help alleviate pain and keep muscles from deteriorating. A chiropractor can come up with a custom set of exercises that will help with your specific problem. They will have you monitored at first, then leave you to do them on your own when you are ready. To get the most out of your treatments, it is important to follow the protocol set out by your chiropractic specialist.

Therapeutic Stretching

When you get injured, stretching can provide a host of benefits to help you recover. Most commonly, it can help you maintain and improve your range of motion. However, it can also help prevent scar tissue build-up. The more flexible and mobile your tissues are, the better protected they will be from injuries in the future as well. Your chiropractic care provider can help provide you with stretching techniques that will help with your specific situation.

Soft Tissue Manipulation

While chiropractors are well-known for manipulating the spine, they can manipulate soft tissue as well. These therapies target the muscles, tendons, joints, and ligaments to help keep them malleable and healthy. There are a few techniques they use, such as Active Release Technique, and Graston Technique.

Ultrasound Therapy

Everyone has heard of using ultrasound to get images of an unborn baby, but it can be used for physical therapy as well. Ultrasound therapy involves using sound waves to create heat that is then applied to the trouble spot. It works like a massage to help increase blood flow and reduce swelling.

Hot and Cold

Ice and heat are two of the most common ways for people to treat pain and swelling when they are injured. Your chiropractor can use them as well to help treat you. Ice can help reduce swelling and decrease pain by numbing the area. Heat will help improve circulation and relax tense muscles. These can both provide immense relief to patients that have been recently hurt or who have just done some strenuous exercise.

Counseling for Diet and Nutrition

Even though there are many types of chiropractic treatments, none can be successful if the patient does not practice healthy habits in between treatments, such as healthy eating. A bad diet will lead to bad outcomes. Diet and nutrition are linked to a whole host of conditions and illness, such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Your chiropractor can provide you with counseling for your diet. They can even put together an eating program that will work for your condition and for your lifestyle. There is no reason to eat unhealthily when you have the help of a nutritionist.

Your Chiropractor Does More Than Manipulate Your Spine

Chiropractic care is about the health of your entire body and nervous system. Whole health means treating your body the best that you can. That’s why your chiropractor is trained to provide many services that go beyond spinal manipulation to give you the best overall care. Call SPNCC today to set up a consultation.

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